'My daughter (7) has been attending Heidi's classes for over a year now and always has a great time - her balance and flexibility have also improved.  Heidi's calmness and patience make her a wonderful teacher.' - Jenny

'My daughter (4) absolutely loves her weekly yoga classes with Heidi.  She is fantastic with my shy, sensitive and easily overwhelmed daughter.  This is the only class we do and we hope to continue into the next class when she starts school in September.' - Liz

'Heidi is a fantastic teacher who really understands children.  She regularly amends her lessons according to the mood of the class.  She teaches a variety of moves and our kids (age 4+2) love practicing these at home.  Definitely give it a try!' - Lisa

'My 7 year old daughter enjoys the class very much.  Sometimes she says 'mummy, I'm doing the tree' or 'I need to take a deep breath'.  It is really nice.  I think most of this is coming out from her yoga practice.  I would recommend it.  Thank you Heidi.'  - Hsing-Chiung

'Heidi has a way of focusing and engaging small children so they get the amazing benefits of yoga without finding it too much to concentrate on.  My daughters (age 4+6) both love her classes and look forward to them every week.  I'm really glad they are learning yoga at such a young age.  It is something they will benefit from over and over again in the years ahead.' - Jo

'I've been attending Heidi's yoga class since 2016 with my very active 4 year old. I chose yoga as I wanted something different to the typical classes on offer. Heidi is incredibly welcoming and settled my son in quickly. Using clear and uncomplicated words to explain each movement and pose meant that my son could quickly engage with the class and start to develop his balance skills. The classes are themed and structured to an appropriate level, whether we're off on a journey to an island or pretending to be animals from Dear Zoo. The class has a gentle and relaxed vibe and Heidi is very good at re-engaging my son when he's struggling to concentrate. Asking him to help at the front at the class to show the other students various things.  I would highly recommend the class as a way to not only learn yoga but also mindfulness, breathing techniques (which helps calm him down) and a way to have fun.' - Louise

'My eight year old child has been going to yoga with Heidi for the last two and a half years and my five year old for over a year. They both love their yoga classes and have never wanted to miss a term. Heidi keeps discipline, fun and interest in her classes and the children thoroughly enjoy them. I find it helps them relax and they have also applied some of the breathing techniques that they have learned during the course, when they are at home and they need to calm down. I would definitively recommend these classes to parents that want their children to learn relaxation techniques, meditation, and stretching exercises among others.' - Monica